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Your service SendFree is a thing of beauty. I just had to jot a note to you and congratulate you on not only a great idea but how well you have executed the idea.
Kate Schultz


Thank you so very much for all of your consistent help. You have excellent customer response!!!
Carrie Higby


Thanks for your fantastic service!

I've tried several responders and SendFree has them all beat. Free ads and unlimited autoresponder with only one account!!!! WOW!!!
Rick Rose


I love my autoresponders and can't do without them.

Not only do I love my autoresponders but I have placed 3 of them on my site, I sell jewelers supplies, and my gemstone and supply sales have gone up 30% or more because people can now get my e catalogs in a snap!

Plus your account system is so easy to use anyone can use it. Anyone in business that doesn't have your free autoresponders ain't really in business!!!!!
Preston J Reuther
Master Wire Sculptor


Congratulations from a new member... Your free autoresponders appear to be the only ones that really do immediately deliver the message.

Thanks and regards.
Fred of Telework International Company


Thanks so much for replying so quickly. I understood perfectly what you were talking about and have already changed my filtering. Thank you. I love the service. What a great idea!
Sherrie Abruscato

SendFree, The Original Autoresponder Ad Network

Discover How To Stop Losing 98% Of Your Sales!

Join 15,000 small business people who rely on SendFree to make them more sales using follow-up email marketing.

A SendFree autoresponder account delivers:

  • Unlimited follow up autoresponders, HTML compatible, that close sales with less effort.
  • Mailing list management and broadcasting for quick and easy emailing to your lists for increased profits.
  • Low prices, our minimal overhead passes great savings on to you. (We even have free autoresponders.)
  • Co-registration network of 15,000 sites to show your offer and build your list.
  • The experience of reliably sending email messages on time, every time since 1998.

For a full list of all SendFree features click here.

Right now, for a limited time we are offering SendFree preferred memberships Free for the first month. Click Here To Sign-Up Today!

Dear Small Business Owner,

It used to be selling on the Internet was a snap. Put up a web site, list it in the search engines and customers would come out of the woodwork. As you've probably noticed, those days are long gone. Making money on the Internet today is a big time challenge.

But over the next few minutes I'd like to tell you how a SendFree autoresponder account can make your online operations much more profitable and much easier to manage. And you can try SendFree, absolutely free!

The Truth About Making Online Sales

To sell online nowadays, it is important to make building ongoing relationships a marketing priority. According to statistics from the National Sales Executive Association only 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact. And 80% of all sales are made on the 5th - 12th contact.

While constant follow up sounds like a lot of work, SendFree makes it easy. SendFree autoresponders automate the follow-up process for you. First, they’ll immediately deliver your promotional messages to your prospects when they're hot. Then they’ll send automated and personalized follow up messages that build trust, close sales and make you money!

See SendFree In Action!

Take a free test drive of SendFree's follow up autoresponders. Enter your name and email address below, click submit and then check your email for our immediate reply message


We respect your privacy. Our Guarantee.

The Secret To Increasing Profits

In addition to following-up with new prospects to make first time sales, your SendFree account also helps your business make repeat sales. And, repeat sales are the secret to truly profiting in your business.


It's simple. The cost to make a sale to a past customer vs. finding and selling to a new customer is considerably less. The key to making repeat sales is to stay in touch with past customers.

Keeping in touch is easy and inexpensive with your SendFree account. Your account has a complete contact database with mailing list capabilities to store and email messages to your in-house mailing lists.

Your account can keep track of new prospect lists, of old customer lists, of new customer lists, etc. all in one manageable database. You can import contact data into your account for quick and easy follow-up. And you can export data as needed. Sending regular emailings to past customers encouraging them to buy more, more often are simple to set-up and distribute.

A Company You Can Trust

All of great features you'll find included with your SendFree account are the result of a combined 16 years of email marketing experience. Two well known online marketers, Abbie Drew of DEMC E-Magazine and myself, Robert Charles run the service. When you have questions regarding SendFree, either Abbie or I will respond to you personally. You'll not be sent off to some unknown help desk whose staff doesn't understand SendFree or Net marketing.

You can count on our experience to assist you, as well as our commitment to the industry. SendFree has been serving Internet marketers since 1998. We maintain multiple mail servers and back-up your data daily to ensure reliable service. Our servers are stored at a secure data center with 24hr/365 days a year monitoring, power back-up, AC systems and redundant connectivity to all of the world's major backbones.

Even More Sales and No Effort!

Along with automating the follow-up process, delivering mailing list messages, and providing unbeatable support, a SendFree account delivers powerful viral marketing promotion to your business.

What does viral marketing do for your business?

It delivers more sales with no additional investment of time or money. Viral marketing automatically refers new prospects to your business with no effort required.

With your SendFree autoresponder account, you can choose to be part of SendFree's co-registration network and build your email list with targeted opt-in email leads. SendFree members will show your offer on their sites' and in exchange you agree to show their offers on your site.

SendFree has over 15,000 members as part of our network. When you place your opt-in SendFree form on your site, your offer then goes out on the SendFree List Builder network.

Plus, SendFree's autoresponders have a built in "Tell a Friend" referral builder that works 24/7 to drive traffic to your business. Prospects who request your autoresponder can use the referral builder link to tell others about your business and your autoresponder. Those referred individuals can then request your autoresponder. They'll use the referral builder link and tell others. Then those individual will tell others, and so on. This powerful word-of-mouth advertising continually exposes your business to new prospects.

No other email marketing or autoresponder service offers you these valuable promotional avenues to supplement your lead generation efforts. When you combine SendFree's viral marketing features with the automated follow-up system of SendFree autoresponders you maximize your online marketing investment!

Why Should You Join SendFree?

You get more with SendFree than any other autoresponder or mailing list service. Here is a quick review of what comes with your membership:

  • Unlimited reliable autoresponders for every account.
  • Follow up autoresponders that can send as many messages as you want.
  • Account database compiling your leads for effective long term marketing.
  • Mailing list capabilities to email your lead lists.
  • Free responsive customer support from industry veterans.
  • Free list builder that generates opt-in email leads on autopilot!
  • Referral builder integrated into your web forms as well as your autoresponders.
  • Easy to use request/feedback forms for your web site.
  • Customization features for designing your web response forms.
  • 24/7 access to your password protected online account headquarters.
  • Unlimited changes to your autoresponder messages and ad copy.
  • Personalization capabilities for including your prospects name in your replies.
  • Statistics to track your autoresponder requests and ad distributions.
  • Advanced email messaging features allowing you to send file attachments and HTML formatted emails.
  • And Much, Much More!

For a full list of all SendFree features click here.

One account gives you the tools you need to grow your business, satisfy your customers, increase your sales and make more money in less time and with less effort! You'll get instant access to your business building, email marketing system, when you sign-up for a SendFree membership.

Better Than Money Back Guarantee!

We want a chance to earn your business. We'll prove to you that SendFree is an incredible value before you buy anything. We're going to give you your first month of service absolutely Free!

Just sign-up for a SendFree Preferred membership and you can test drive the system free for your first month. Taking a test drive is 100% Risk Free. If you are not thoroughly satisfied, let me know during the 30 days trial period and I'll simply cancel your account. No hassles, no charges, no credits. Just free for you to use for the first month.

Plus Your Free Bonus Gift

To thank you for giving SendFree a try, you'll receive for free our exclusive ebook, "Autoresponder Marketing Masters". This ebook is not available anywhere else online. It is a series of interviews with top Internet Marketers, who make their livings online, asking them how they use autoresponders in their businesses.

You'll receive inside information from the Pros themselves regarding their own unique utilization of autoresponders in their day to day activities. You'll hear from experts like Brian Garvin, Yanik Silver, Bryan Hall, Mike Merz, Diane Hughes, Shawn Casey and more.

After reading this ebook, you'll know how to use autoresponders to make your business even more money. It's yours free just for signing up for a test drive of SendFree's Preferred Service membership.

A True Internet Value

Now I expect after 30 days of using SendFree, you're going to be hooked on the incredible promotional and profit building features of your SendFree autoresponders. So you're probably asking, "How much is it to maintain my membership after the first free month?"

That's the best news. For what you'd pay to get one autoresponder, that's right just one autoresponder, at another company is what it costs to get everything I've reviewed above with your SendFree Preferred Service. Your Preferred membership is only $19.97 a month.

For just $19.97, you're getting roughly $175.00 value each and every month. Let's add up what the features in SendFree would cost using multiple providers. Just take a look at this value chart.

Included In Account

  • Unlimited Responders - members average 5 per account.

  • Email Lead Generation

  • Tell-a-Friend Referral.

  • Broadcast Messages.

  • Support From Industry Veterans.

  • Competitor Cost

  • Autoresponder fees average $18.00 each.

  • Purchase 50 Leads at $.50 a lead.

  • Yearly $100 fee with competitor.

  • Average cost of competitors $1cpm.

  • Online Consultant $100/hr - average .25hr month of help.

  • Your Savings

  • Save $90.00 month.

  • Save $25.00 month.

  • Save $8.00 month.

  • Save $30.00 month.

  • Save $25.00 month.

  • So how can SendFree offer you so much for so little? It's simple really. You're not paying for retail office overhead. SendFree is an Internet only company. We do not have or need a store front office nor do we have any extraneous employees.

    We keep our expenses low and as a result we can pass the savings on to you.

    Don't Miss This Opportunity

    Right now you have a chance to take advantage of one of the best business building tools on the Internet absolutely Free! So don't delay, Click Here to sign-up for your Preferred Membership today! (Or click here for our basic free autoresponder.)

    To Your Success,

    Robert Charles

    P.S. You're about to put more money in your pocket! You'll make more money with SendFree’s powerful autoresponder marketing services. You'll save more money by getting so much for so little!

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