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What can I customize with my SendFree Autoresponder?

Practically all of the features of your SendFree Autoresponder can be customized and later adjusted! You select your own:

  • Autoresponder Name. Your SendFree Autoresponder address will look like "yourname"

  • Subject Line. You specify the subject headline people see when they receive your autoresponder messages via email.

  • Message Content. You input the messages delivered by your SendFree autoresponder.

  • From Address. You enter the "From" address for your outgoing SendFree Autoresponder messages. This feature makes it easy for you to control where you want your prospects' feedback sent when they reply to your autoresponder.

  • Account Email Address. You choose the main email address to which we deliver your daily autoresponder digests.

Please Note: Any changes made to your autoresponder content, your ad content, your rating selections and/or your category choices are always subject to review.

Is it possible to change or update my SendFree Autoresponder messages?

Of Course! You can change the content and settings of your SendFree Autoresponder messages whenever you wish from your Account Headquarters.

To make changes to your SendFree Autoresponder messages you will need to log-in to your Account Headquarters. Once in your Account Headquarters click on the "Edit" button next to the autoresponder's name you would like to update. Then simply select the "Reply Manager" option and follow the steps for making changes.

You'll likely find this control and flexibility with your SendFree autoresponders very helpful to your promotional efforts.

How many autoresponders can I have with my SendFree membership?

You can have an unlimited number of autoresponders with each SendFree membership. Once you have signed up as a SendFree member, you set up each additional autoresponder from your Account Headquarters. It's easy.

What does my daily autoresponder digest tell me?

Your daily autoresponder digests are an essential part of your marketing plan. Each digest contains the email address of everyone who requested your SendFree Autoresponder. This feature provides you with one of the most effective promotional tools available. You can do follow-up emailings to these interested prospects.

Your SendFree digest also contains the entire email message of each individual who accessed your autoresponder "yourname"

Reviewing your digest is very important. Sometimes your SendFree Autoresponder address will be the only email address your prospect recalls. Thus he/she may use it to try to contact you. In addition, individuals requesting your SendFree Autoresponder reply will frequently ask specific questions in their email requests. By scanning your daily digest you will find these inquiries and be able to respond accordingly.

Why am I not receiving my daily autoresponder digest?

Most likely you are not receiving your daily digest because your "Email Address" is incorrect at your Account Headquarters. Go to your Account Headquarters and double check your email address in your Membership Profile. Make sure a valid email address is entered.

After you confirm that your "Email Address" is correct be certain that this address is functioning properly. If the address is valid and you still are not receiving your daily autoresponder digest you should contact us. Please visit our contact help page. Be sure to provide your SendFree Autoresponder's name ("yourname" as well as how long you nave not been receiving your digests.

Does my account keep track of my prospects so I can review and download a list of leads who have requested my autoresponder?

Yes! Every time prospects access your autoresponder, their names and email addresses are entered into your SendFree account's Lead Database. You can access your Lead Database by clicking on the "Manage Leads" option in the top grey menu bar from within your Account Headquarters.

You can view all of your leads from the "Manage Leads" option. You can specify to display leads only from a specific autoresponder. You can also search for a specific lead in your database.

Any lead list you display in your account can be exported to a lead file for downloading.

Can I send broadcast email messages to the leads in my SendFree account?

Yes! The broadcast message feature in your SendFree account can be activated by signing up for a SendFree Preferred Service membership. You can then send out broadcast email messages to your lead lists whenever you like. If you have a product update, a price change, an informational report or a regular newsletter, you can use the broadcast message feature to send out the emailing.

Details on how to send out broadcast email messages to your leads are outlined in the SendFree User's Guide available from within your Account Headquarters.

How can I cancel my SendFree account?

You can cancel your free SendFree account at any time in your Account Headquarters. Once in your Account Headquarters click on the "Change Member Profile" link from the top grey menu bar. Scroll to the bottom of the page, click on the "Cancel" button and then confirm you would like your account cancelled.

To cancel a SendFree Preferred Service account you will need to contact us directly by sending an email to:

SendFree members whose registered email address is undeliverable for over a week will automatically have their free account cancelled.

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