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  SendFree, The Original Autoresponder Ad Network

Use Classified Ads

There are thousands of places to advertise your SendFree Autoresponder for FREE or Low-Cost!

Before you can encourage a prospect to access your SendFree autoresponder you need to promote your autoresponder's address. You must make it visible and accessible, appearing in as many spots as possible. With millions of people on the Internet, promoting your SendFree address is essential to getting a steady stream of prospects.

Ad Copy Is Important

A good classified ad or short promotional message can make a critical difference between receiving a few inquiries or having hundreds of prospects access your autoresponder begging for more information.

To help you create a winning "Classified Ad," we're offering you "Classified Ads That SELL!" by marketing expert, Dr. Kevin Nunley. Discover four easy steps for making sure your ads get attention and sell your product or service. Get this report for free. Send an email to our SendFree Autoresponder,

Now, here are some of our favorite free and low-cost places to list your classifieds. For best results, it's important to post your ad regularly.

a) The major online services, AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy have popular classified boards. AOL has 12 million members and Prodigy's subscribers tend to have high incomes.

b) The World Wide Web and Internet Mall classified advertising. The number of spots on the web for classified advertising is practically unlimited. One of the best places to start is with Yahoo! classifieds:

c) Email Newsletters, Ezines, etc, They offer a terrific, inexpensive classified advertising medium. You reach large numbers of high quality prospects for the lowest cost anywhere in media advertising. Charlie Page has compiled a good listing of ezines that accept advertising and classified ads at:

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