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  SendFree, The Original Autoresponder Ad Network

How To Make Money With SendFree!

Make tons of cash by becoming a SendFree affiliate and referring people to SendFree. Just take advantage of the SendFree Affiliate program and earn money from your referrals. Plus increase your traffic with even more free advertising! That's right! Simply refer people to SendFree. You'll not only get paid, you'll also receive free advertising.

It's Easy To Build a Residual Monthly Income.

To start getting paid and gain additional free email advertising become a SendFree affiliate and tell people about SendFree. You just direct people to your unique SendFree web address in order to receive compensation on SendFree member sign-ups.

Here's a quick explanation on how ridiculously easy and profitable it is. When the people you refer become paying preferred SendFree members you'll earn a 25% commission on the sale! But here's the real kicker. Unlike many affiliate programs, you'll get paid over and over on the same customer. In fact, every month the paid SendFree members you've referred are paying preferred service members, you're paid a 25% commission on their monthly membership fee.

You'll build a large residual monthly income stream!

And when the people you refer become active free SendFree members you'll get free email advertising.

Who Else Wants Monthly Commissions Two Levels Deep?

So far you're making 25% monthly commissions on your referrals and getting extra traffic for your business. But because the goal is for you to make as much cash as possible, you'll also make an additional 10% commission from your sub-affiliates. When an individual you've referred becomes a SendFree affiliate, i.e. your sub-affiliate, you'll be paid a 10% commission on his/her sales as well!

And, remember all of your SendFree commissions are re-occurring. The longer a member you've referred or that your sub-affiliate referred remains a paying preferred service member the more money you make. SendFree's affiliate program helps you build a solid residual income stream.

Thousands of Extra Ad Exposures Help Build Your Business!

Here's a question for you: How many affiliate programs compensate you when no one buys anything? Refer people to SendFree and you'll get valuable advertising even when they don't become a paying SendFree member.

Who says you can't get something for nothing?!

When your referral becomes an active free SendFree members, you'll receive great free exposure on the SendFree network! And should a free SendFree member you've referred ever upgrade to a paying preferred service membership, weeks, months or years later, you'll receive monthly cash.

It's Absolutely Free to Become a SendFree Affiliate!

Any active SendFree member is welcome to be an affiliate. Simply maintain a free basic account or a paying preferred service account and you're eligible for the SendFree affiliate program.

Lifetime Referral Guarantees You Get Paid.

When a potential member clicks on your unique SendFree web address, they are tagged as your referral for the life of your SendFree membership. So no matter when the prospects you refer sign-up for a SendFree membership, those prospects "belong" to you forever. Days, weeks, months or even years later your prospects can sign-up at SendFree and you will be paid as the referring affiliate.

Not only does the lifetime referral ensure you'll get credit for your referrals, SendFree also has taken steps to prevents affiliate URL hijacking. When a prospect visits the SendFree site through your unique affiliate URL, the address bar does not show your affiliate link or ID anywhere. Thus prospects will be unable to eliminate the affiliate ID or replace it with their own.

Up To Date Statistics Will Let You Know How Many Members You've Referred.

Keeping tabs on your affiliate program referring efforts is quick and easy. From the Affiliate Program account area you'll be able to access real-time statistics about your affiliate account.

You'll be informed on how many people are visiting your affiliate web page, who is signing-up for membership, who is becoming a sub-affiliate and how many sales you're making.

You Can Look Forward To Monthly Payments!

On the 20th of each month, you'll be paid for the previous months sales.

And you'll have immediate access to your money! SendFree delivers your commissions directly to your PayPal account.

No waiting for checks to arrive or funds to clear. It's fast cash!

Instant Ad Exposure Credits!

Your SendFree members account contains your real-time advertising statistics including how many ads you've gained from the affiliate program.

As soon as you earn free email advertising from your affiliate referrals those ad credits are used to get you more exposure!

Here's Even More Good News About the SendFree Affiliate Program!

First, you'll receive our weekly affiliate only ezine called SendFree Affiliate Update. SendFree Affiliate Update includes a weekly article designed to help your marketing efforts. The publication also includes a listing of the top ten SendFree affiliates and feedback from other successful affiliates.

You'll also increase the value of your web site by being able to tell your customers about SendFree. SendFree offers them a great way to increase the exposure of their business or organization! Your affiliate status allows you to offer both free and paid memberships to SendFree.

Become a SendFree Affiliate Today!

  • You refer people to SendFree.
  • We process the membership application.
  • We handle the customer service.
  • We track and provide your free email advertising.
  • You get paid.

To get started just sign-up for a SendFree membership.

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