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Autoresponder and Ad Submission

Are their any size limits or formatting specifications for my autoresponder's messages?

There are no limits on the size of your autoresponder's messages.

Your text messages will be formated to a 65 characters across line. Lines longer than 65 characters will automatically be wrapped to 65 characters. So, be sure to double-check the formatting of your text messages.

How many follow up messages can I have with my SendFree autoresponders?

Free SendFree autoresonders allow you to send up to 12 messages to each of your prospects. Therefore after your initial message is delivered you can follow up with your prospect 11 more times. SendFree Preferred Service autoresponders let you have an unlimited number of follow ups.

Using follow up messages can increase your sales by up to 80%. Here are some statistics from the National Sales Executive Association that illustrate just how important it is to have the ability to follow-up.

2% of sales are made on the 1st contact
3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact
5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact
10% of sales are made on the 4th contact
80% of sales are made on the 5th-12th contact

How do I copy and paste my autoresponder message and/or ad into the forms in my Account Headquarters?

Copy and paste simply means you will move the text from your word-processing program into a form at your Account Headquarters without re-typing the text.

Here's how to perform this time saving feat. In your word-processing document, highlight the text you want to move. To highlight the text simply hold down the left clicker on your mouse and drag it over the text. Next, choose "edit" from the top menu bar and select the "copy" text.

Your text is now placed in your computer's temporary memory. Next, proceed to your Account Headquarters. Place your cursor in the form box where you would normally type out your text. Go to the "edit" menu of your browser and select the "paste" option. The text you highlighted and copied in your word-processing document will now appear in the form box.

This text remains in your computer's temporary memory until you either shut down your computer or replace it with some new text.

How can I correct the oddly formatted text of my outgoing autoresponder message?

SendFree Autoresponder text messages are pre-set to allow 65 characters to a line. Lines longer than 65 characters will automatically be wrapped to 65 characters. This setting may cause your text to be oddly formatted if you copy and paste your document into the autoresponder message form at your Account Headquarters.

To fix the problem you can correct the odd spacing in the actual form at your Account Headquarters. Or before you copy and paste your document into the autoresponder message form be sure each line of your document is 65 characters or less. Many word processing programs will allow you to set your ruler to 65 characters. At the end of each 65 character line be sure to hit a hard return.

You can double-check the formatting of your autoresponder message by simply sending an email off to your SendFree Autoresponder.

How do I prevent the 65 character line error message when entering my message?

Unfortunately, the SendFree copy boxes have been know to generate the 65 character per line error with certain browser like the webtv browser.

If you are unable to use a different browser to set-up your SendFree autoresponder, here's what you can do.

Format the message you would like to be sent out by your SendFree autoresponder using an editor which allows you to set line length. Set the line length of your editor at 60 characters per line.

Now insert at the end of each 60 characters across line a hard return. You insert a hard return by clicking the enter or the return key at the end of each line.

Save your message as a text only file. Next open the document with Notepad or Wordpad to ensure all the short lines have been kept. And then copy and paste the document into the SendFree copy box.

Can I attach a file to my autoresponder messages?

Yes! SendFree Preferred Service autoresponders will distribute file attachments for you. You simply upload the file to be attached to your SendFree autorepsonder's reply. Then SendFree will send out that file attachment with your reply message whenever it is requested by a prospect.

How should I format my ad?

Your ad can be up to 60 characters across and 5 lines long! A space is considered a character. Be sure your contact information is also included in the allotted space. Lines longer than 60 characters will automatically be wrapped to 60 characters. Any lines over 5 will not be included in your outgoing ad. The form provided in your Account Headquarters helps you correctly format your ad by notifying you if you exceed these specifications.

Do you review advertisements?

In order to protect the integrity of the SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange, all submitted advertisements are reviewed for approval prior to being distributed. SendFree reserves the right to refuse any advertisement it deems inappropriate.

Advertisements of the following nature are prohibited, as outlined in the Member Terms & Conditions for use of SendFree Services.

  1. Ads which encourage illegal action or racism.
  2. Ads promoting any materials, products or services related to pornography.
  3. Ads which promote services or software relating to spam or unsolicited bulk email.

Can I change or update my ad in the SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange?

Yes, you can change the content and targeting of your SendFree ad whenever you like from your Account Headquarters. Please note: Any change to your ad requires 72 hours to take effect. To maintain the integrity of the SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange we review all ads and ad changes.

Is it possible to have multiple ads rotating in the SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange?

Yes! Presently, members are allowed one ad for each autoresponder. Your account can have unlimited autoresponders and therefore unlimited ads.

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