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Ad Credits and Distribution

How do I earn ad credits in the SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange?

It's easy! Simply use your SendFree Autoresponder in your marketing. Every two times your SendFree Autoresponder message is successfully delivered to prospects, you earn one ad credit. Each ad credit places your ad one time at the top of another member's SendFree Autoresponder. Should your SendFree Autoresponder send an email response to an address which is invalid or undeliverable, you will not earn credit.

How quickly is my ad distributed in the SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange?

Each time you earn one ad credit your ad is immediately scheduled to be distributed. Once scheduled your ad is then delayed 72 hours before being sent out to prevent abuse of the SendFree system. If you don't have an ad entered in your Account Headquarters, your credits accumulate. When your ad is entered, the system schedules your accumulated ads to be distributed.

I'm not receiving the number of credits I expected, why?

You receive a credit for every 2 times your autoresponder successfully delivers your message to an email address. If your autoresponder sends out your message to an email address that is not available or undeliverable you will not receive credit. Also, if the same email address requests your message more than 5 times in one 24 hour period you'll receive credit only for the first 5 delivered responses. This feature is designed to prevent abuse of the SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange.

Do I have access to statistics concerning my ads distribution in the autoresponder ad exchange?

In your Account Headquarters you'll find an easy to understand report. It outlines the activity of your autoresponder, how many ad credits you have earned and how many ads you have had sent out each week over the past month.

How can I remove all ads from my autoresponder's replies?

If you would like to eliminate all ads from your autoresponder's replies, simply upgrade your account to a SendFree Preferred Service membership. Upgrading is easy. Just follow the steps as outlined in your SendFree Account Headquarters. As a Preferred Service member you'll be able to opt-out of the ad exchange and remove all 3rd party advertisements from your autoresponder's replies.

How can I receive even more ad distributions?

Become a SendFree Sponsor. Sponsors purchase additional ad exposure in the SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange. You'll be taking advantage of the Internet's most widely used tool - email. Email is a fantastic marketing medium because it is both direct and personal. And unlike other forms of email marketing, SendFree offers you a continuous supply of new and eager prospects. Do you want more exposure? Click to discover the benefits of being a SendFree Sponsor.

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