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Become an Expert

Few things draw new business on the Internet like becoming an expert. You don't need additional training or any special techniques. It's easy to position yourself as someone who has helpful information and is willing to share it with others. Internet users love free information and your SendFree Autoresponders are the perfect way to share your knowledge.

Distribute Free Information

First set-up your SendFree Autoresponders allowing you to distribute free infomation. Then tell the Internet the information is available. You can list your SendFree address in all of your classified ads, in your "Signature" tag, on your print materials, and at your web site.

What can you offer for a free informational report? Write a page or two of instructions on how to do something in your field or related to your business. For example, if you own a greenhouse, write a page of instructions on how to plant new trees. If you are a management consultant, use your autoresponder to distribute your page of instructions on how to handle conflict in the workplace. The possibilities are endless.

What if you do not like to write? Well, do you know of any articles already written that your clients and prospects would like? Ask the author if you can include the article on your autoresponder. Customers will give you credit for providing good information and the author will have the benefit of extra publicity.

Promote Yourself as an Expert

In addition to positioning yourself as an expert by offering free information through your SendFree Autoresponders, you should also actively promote yourself as an expert. You can take advantage of the following techniques:

  1. Put out press releases. The typical release is about a page and includes your name and contact information along with a newsworthy message. Be sure your press release contains solid information and does not appear to be an advertisement. You can do this by cloaking your promotional message in a story that people will find interesting, helpful, and/or inspirational. To locate a few sources to submit your press releases to visit: There are also a number of companies you can hire to distribute your press release for you.

  2. Write and publish informative essays based on your personal experiences and knowledge. Submit these educational articles to web sites, newsletters, ezines, magazines, and newspapers both on and offline. Editors of these publications are constantly looking for quality content. If your material is helpful and insightful you most likely will be published. Two good spots for locating online publications to whom you can submit your work are (1) IdeaMarketers: and (2) Amazines:

  3. Usually, it's acceptable to include a four to six line marketing message at the end of your article. Make sure this promotional message within your article contains your SendFree Autoresponder and contact information.

  4. Lead a forum's discussion group. Many web sites, as well as online services have special interest forum discussion groups. Offer to lead a conference in one of these forum discussion rooms on your business area. Not only will you increase your credibility, you also will reach a receptive audience. Prospects are eager to do business with someone they regard as a helpful expert.

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