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  SendFree, The Original Autoresponder Ad Network

SendFree puts YOU in Control!

You’ll have 24/7 access to your web based SendFree Account Headquarters for unlimited updating to your ad and autoresponder messages and for sending out broadcasts.

Autoresponder Messages:

A key feature of your SendFree account is the customization capacity you have with your autoresponder messages.

1) Unlimited autoresponders - you can have as many autoresponders as you need.
2) Send out unlimited follow up messages to each prospect!
3) No limit on message length.
4) Distribute file attachments with your replies.
5) Have an HTML and a text versions of your message entered for distribution.
6) Control the "From" address on your replies.
7) Update your autoresponder messages as often as you like!
8) Set and change the time frame that your follow up messages are distributed!
9) Personalize your messages with each lead's name and/or email!

View SendFree’s Users Guide For Autoresponder Messages.
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“Tell-a-Friend” Referral Builder:

Your SendFree account provides your business with exponential promotion with a "referral builder" link that encourage your prospects to recommend your business to their friends, associates and relatives.

1) Add a referral builder link to your autoresponder messages.
2) Add a referral builder form to your web forms.
3) Update the copy of the referral builder letter sent to prospects.
4) Update the copy on the referral builder link.
5) Specify a redirect web page for your prospects.
6) Personalize your referral builder with your company's logo.

View SendFree’s Users Guide For The “Tell-a-Friend” Referral Builder.
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Lead Database:

Your SendFree account compiles your leads into an easy to use database for managing your opt-in list.

1) Prospects are automatically added to your lead database when they request an autoresponder via email or through your web form.
2) Manually input prospects into your lead database and send them your autoresponder messages.
3) Import lists of up to 2000 leads a day into your database for convenient list management and broadcasting.
4) Store an unlimited number of leads in your database.
4) View removed and undeliverable leads.
5) Search, sort and edit leads in your lead database.
6) Export a list of leads from your database.
7) Delete prospects from your lead database.
8) Built in removal / edit link at the bottom of your messages for prospects to easily manage their subscription to your list.
9) Time saving email removal function, to remove a lead from one or all your autoresponders.

View SendFree’s Users Guide For The Lead Database.
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Mailing List Messaging:

Use your SendFree account to send broadcast messages to your in-house mailing lists.

1) Distribute a message to your database of leads whenever needed.
2) Select only a certain group of leads or multiple autoresponder lists to send your message.
3) Set-up broadcast messages in advance and specify to have them sent at a later date.
4) Broadcast text/HTML combined messages to your lists.
5) Personalize your broadcast messages with your list member’s name and/or email.
6) Send 30,000 broadcast messages a month with no daily limit.
7) Advanced broadcasting option available for larger volume lists.
8) Built in removal / edit link at the bottom of your messages for prospects to easily manage their subscription to your list.

View SendFree’s Users Guide For Mailing List Messaging.
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Tracking Statistics:

Your SendFree account keeps detailed online statistics to assist you in tracking your ad and autoresponder campaigns.

1) Daily breakdown on the number of autoresponder messages sent for each autoresponder.
2) Daily breakdown on the number of email ads distributed.
3) Tabulation of each autoresponder's ads received and delivered.
4) Your account total for the number of ads received.
5) Daily breakdown on the number of prospects referred to your autoresponder.
6) Statistical reports on the email broadcasts delivered to your lead lists.

View SendFree’s Users Guide On Tracking Statistics.
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Customer Support Features:

You’ll get customer support directly from SendFree’s founders not unknown representatives. Plus you’ll be part of a community of small business owners.

1) Free email and phone support whenever needed.
2) Twice weekly moderated roundtable discussion digests where you can give and get advice from fellow members.
3) 24/7 access to your account headquarters and interactive help files.
4) Weekly newsletter on email marketing to keep you informed on the latest techniques and strategies.
5) Tuesday evening chat sessions for you to pick our brains.

Contact SendFree’s Founders Today.
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Ad Targeting and Filtering Options:

Your SendFree account gives you advanced control over your participation in the SendFree ad exchange.

1) Choose to participate in the autoresponder ad exchange or opt-out of the ad exchange, removing ads from your autoresponders' replies.
2) Target your email advertising by selecting your ideal audience type as well as preferred subject categories.
3) Control the ads going out with your autoresponder message through an advanced filtering selection process.

View SendFree’s Users Guide On The Autoresponder Ad Exchange.
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A True Internet Value!

How can SendFree offer so much in one account for just $19.97 a month and give you your first month of service free?

It's simple really. You're not paying for any overhead. SendFree is an Internet only company. We do not have a fancy office nor do we have any extraneous employees.

We keep our expenses low and as a result we can pass the savings on to you!

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