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Develop a "Signature" Tag

Your Signature is a short message about yourself that appears at the bottom of email messages and postings. It includes your contact information and a quick marketing message about your business/ products/ services/ opportunity. Place your SendFree Autoresponder address in your "Signature" tag. This technique allows prospects the option of receiving additional information instantly by email. Typically, "Signature" tags are between 3-5 lines long.

Email is the Internet's most popular tool. It is also a powerful and personal way to stay in touch with customers. A good signature increases the effectiveness of your email. In addition, a "Signature" tag allows you to answer lots of email messages quickly. When your signature contains your most important marketing message and contact information, you're free to limit your reply to as few words as needed.

Here Is an Example of a "Signature" Tag:

Get Free Autoresponders, Free Advertising + Free Targeting.
Join SendFree. The Original Autoresponder Ad Exchange.

Please Note:

  • The two dashes flush left, followed by one space character. This configuration signifies to most email programs that it's a "Signature" tag and should be removed from any quoted replies.

  • Always left justify your "Signature" tag. Not everyone receiving your email will necessarily have their email client set to the same word wrap as you. Just because it looks nice centered in your email client, doesn't mean it will look nice in theirs.

  • Include "mailto:" before your autoresponder email address and
    "http:// " with your web address. They create a "link" for many email programs. The "link" allows the reader to easily click on the address and pull up a pre-addressed email message or go directly to your site.

  • Be careful to keep the line length of your "Signature" tag under 60 characters. This prevents email programs from wrapping the text and distorting the copy.

Use Your "Signature" Tag in the Following Ways:

a) Attach your "Signature" Tag to all of your outgoing email messages. Most emailing programs allow you to do this automatically. Take a few seconds to set it up and your signature information automatically goes out at the end of every email message you send.

b) Participate in Newsgroups by reading and responding to postings. Of course be sure your "Signature" Tag is included at the bottom of your posted messages. Note: Most Newsgroups are not intended for advertising. They are a forum to exchange information with other people. It's important when promoting yourself in a Newsgroup that you assists other members of the group with your postings. Thus, post helpful information that others can use.

In addition, it is a good idea to be familiar with the Newsgroup and review it's FAQ (frequently asked questions) prior to posting. To help you find some Newsgroups in your business and interest areas see:

c) Join a mailing list or discussion forum. Learn and share information about your industry and interest fields. Again, most mailing lists and online discussions do not allow ads. You will need to promote yourself and business indirectly by actively participating. You can comment on other people's posts, ask questions, offer to help people and provide information that others find useful. Of course at the bottom of all of your posts, be sure to include your "Signature" tag.

To find some discussion forums to become involved with visit:

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