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  SendFree, The Original Autoresponder Ad Network

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What are autoresponders?

Autoresponders are automated email addresses. You send email to them and they send a pre-composed email message back to you. The material contained in the pre-composed email reply is supplied by the autoresponder owner.

What is a SendFree Autoresponder?

A SendFree Autoresponder is unique because:

  1. It allows you to earn free advertising in the SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange.

  2. A SendFree Autoresponder is Free.

The address of your SendFree Autoresponder looks like: "yourname" When someone sends email to your SendFree Autoresponder address, a copy of your pre-composed document will immediately be forwarded to them by return email.

How does the SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange work?

The SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange places a small advertisement at the top of every outgoing SendFree Autoresponder reply. As a member of SendFree you agree to display ads with your autoresponder message. Every two times your autoresponder is requested, you get one free ad sent with another SendFree member's autoresponder.

Is SendFree completely free?

YES ! All SendFree members are supplied with free SendFree Autoresponders. And you can participate at no charge in the autoresponder ad exchange receiving free promotion.

Why should I join SendFree?

No other ad exchange takes advantage of the most widely used tool on the Internet - email. In addition to getting free autoresponders, every time your SendFree Autoresponder is accessed you earn advertising credits. Ad credits are automatically redeemed for free targeted exposure on SendFree's network of popular autoresponders. You also receive a free daily digest containing a report of your autoresponder's activity for that day. And, in your Account Headquarters, we provide you with ad statistics to assist you in tracking your promotions.

How do I join the SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange?

First: Become a SendFree member by signing up on this website.

Second: Access your Account Headquarters with the password we provide you in your confirmation email. Complete your autoresponder set-up and category selections. And enter in your ad for the Ad Exchange.

Third: Start promoting your SendFree Autoresponder in all of your online marketing. If you would like some tips on effective autoresponder promotion please visit our autoresponder resources.

If you have difficulty with any of these three steps, please first review this FAQ for detailed explanations. If you are still having difficulty contact us via our online help form.

Do you keep your member's personal information private?

Our members are our most important asset and we value your trust. Therefore, we are committed to protecting your personal privacy rights. Your name, mailing address, phone number, email address and other identifying information will NOT be sold or exchanged with any outside party or organization, unless you choose, at the time of registration, to receive information about the special offers presented to you. For complete details on our member guarantee to protect your privacy please review our privacy policy.

How can SendFree offer so much and be free? I'm skeptical....

SendFree is designed to help you promote yourself and your organization more effectively. We're dedicated to providing a useful and valuable service to the Internet community. We are able to offer the SendFree service for free thanks to the support of Sponsors. All of our members are welcome to become SendFree Sponsors and purchase additional advertising within the ad exchange.

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