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Netiquette Concerns

Is advertising in the autoresponder ad exchange considered "spam" or unsolicited email?

No, not at all! Advertising in email autoresponders assures you that your promotional material is delivered only to an eager audience. Why? Because by definition an autoresponder only responds when email requests are sent for its information. Thus, everyone who receives an autoresponder message had to specifically opt to receive it. Autoresponder advertising is not even remotely related to sending spam or unsolicited bulk email.

What is your policy on spam or unsolicited email?

SendFree does not permit members to send out junk/bulk/unsolicited email which contains their SendFree Autoresponder address. In addition, SendFree does not permit members to spam newsgroups with their SendFree Autoresponder address, (i.e. post messages in numerous usenet newsgroups which are unrelated to their offerings.) Any member found violating this policy will have their SendFree account terminated and will lose any accumulated ad credits.

How do I report inappropriate use of SendFree Autoresponders?

If you believe that a SendFree member is improperly using their autoresponder, please contact us. You should forward the entire email message (including full headers) or newsgroup posting (with location) to : The complete email header information or posting location is necessary for us to confirm the misuse as well as verify the member's identity.

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