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Send "Opt-In" Direct Email

Imagine sending your promotional message to a large group of interested prospects. When they open your email, they're delighted to hear from you and are eager to buy. "Opt-In" direct email gives you that ability. Very simply, "Opt-In" email is made up of people who have asked to receive information on specific topics.

Few Internet marketing methods have the return rate of "Opt-In" direct email. The best way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing is to target it only to those who are your most likely customers. By its very nature, "Opt-In" is highly targeted. Perhaps the most targeted marketing method in existence. "Opt-in" reaches just about every group imaginable. You can target dog owners, old car buffs, and those interested in global business, just to name a few.

"Opt-In" Direct Email is Not Spam

It's important to note that "Opt-In" direct email is NOT the same as sending unsolicited email -spam. Sending unsolicited email is not permitted with a SendFree Autoresponder and will result in immediate account termination. Sending unsolicited email could also damage your company's reputation.

However, sending "Opt-In" direct email is permitted and effective. When sending out an "Opt-In" emailing be sure to list your "SendFree" autoresponder along with your brief commercial message. It's a great way to encourage people to contact you for more information.

Where Can You Find "Opt-In" Email Advertising?

  1. Join The SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange. Then promote your SendFree Autoresponder and earn free targeted ads. Discover all the benefits of SendFree membership and Join Today. Click Here

  2. Want More Exposure? Sponsor the SendFree Autoresponder Ad Exchange and send out "Opt-In" direct email ads. All of your advertisements are placed at the top of SendFree Autoresponder forms. You're marketing to active internet participants who just asked for the information in the autoresponder message containing your ad. Your ad will get read! Click Here

  3. You can reach SendFree Autoresponder members! Launch an "Opt-In" direct email ad campaign to SendFree members by purchasing advertising at the top of their autoresponder newsletter. Every week SendFree members receive a newsletter about "Opt-In" direct email. SendFree members actively review the newsletter. Your ad is listed at the beginning of newsletter where it gets noticed! For all the details on this excellent promotional option Click Here.

  4. Hire a company that compiles "Opt-In" direct email advertising lists. Many companies who sell "Opt-In" lists offer the ability to effectively target your audience on the Internet. The closer you target your best prospects, the more customers you get. To get you started in locating some "Opt-In" Direct Email Marketing companies visit:

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