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Subject Categories

How do the subject categories work?

It's Simple. You classify your ad and autoresponder message from over 250 subject classifications. The subject categories are tiered. This means each general category contains sub-categories beneath it. You'll choose one or two sub-categories which best represent the subject content of your autoresponder message. Then you'll choose one or two sub-categories which best represent the subject content of your ad.

To make your category selections, you'll first select a general subject category (for example: Business). Then you'll select a specific sub-category below it (for example: Consulting). If you find the subject matter of your autoresponder and/or ad fall under two different categories select both to ensure the best classification.

It is important that you categorize both your ad and autoresponder message appropriately. Why? Your participation in the autoresponder ad exchange requires correct classification to ensure the proper function of the SendFree targeting features.

Can I change my subject categories?

Yes. You can easily change the subject categories of your autoresponder message and/or ad in your Account Headquarters whenever you need.

Do subject categories change?

Yes. We frequently review the subject categories to make them as useful as possible. If subject categories are not included which you would like to see, contact us with your suggestions at We also adjust categories if they become too large, or if they are unpopular. When category changes are made we reserve the right to shift your categorization choices to new appropriate sub-categories.

Can I select more than 2 sub-categories to classify my autoresponder?

Presently, you can categorize your autoresponder and ad in a maximum of two subject categories.

None of your sub-categories match my autoresponder message and/or ad, what do I do?

You should choose subject categories which best fit your autoresponder's message and/or ad's content. You can then contact with your suggestions for a new category by sending an email to We evaluate all suggestions and try to accommodate as many members as possible. Check back into your Account Headquarters regularly and you will find category adjustments. You can re-classify your autoresponder and ad at any time.

Once my autoresponder is classified will other businesses in my category be able to advertise with my autoresponder?

Not necessarily, but it is possible. If you would like to eliminate all ads from your autoresponder, simply upgrade your account to a SendFree Preferred Service membership. Upgrading is easy. Just follow the steps as outlined in your SendFree Account Headquarters. As a Preferred Service member you'll be able to opt-out of the ad exchange and remove all 3rd party advertisements from your autoresponder's replies.

Is it possible to keep certain types of ads from being sent out with my autoresponder

Yes. SendFree has a filtering option available to all members. In your Account Headquarters you can filter up to 2 sub-categories. The sub-categories you select will be prevented from advertising with your autoresponder. You can filter out all ads classified in your specific subject categories or you can filter ads from other categories. You decide.

Why should I categorize my autoresponder and ad?

It is imperative that you classify both your autoresponder and ad in specific sub-categories. Your ad's classification is necessary for targeting your outgoing ad to the specific subject categories you choose. Correct classification ensures the proper function of your targeting and filtering features.

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