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  SendFree, The Original Autoresponder Ad Network

Autoresponder Tips

The Fastest Way To Dramatically Increase Business!

Your SendFree Autoresponder, combined with smart promotion is the quickest way to immediately boost business!

The Internet is earning Millions of Dollars every day. The fastest way to grab your share is to use email autoresponders. Nothing else reaches customers with the powerful speed and simplicity of SendFree Autoresponders working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Quick Way To Satisfy Customers

Today's world is fast-paced. People are busy and want results, NOW! Your business booms when customers know you can deliver quickly. A SendFree Autoresponder lets you respond immediately with the material prospects ask for. Your information is in their hands right when they're ready to act. No waiting. No lag time for prospects to change their minds. Now that's power!

The Net's Top Marketing Tool

Your SendFree Autoresponder is a tremendous marketing tool. It saves you time by automating the process of delivering commonly requested material to your customers and prospects. Then it sends out personalized follow up messages to your prospects over the coming days, weeks, months to help you close more sales. Use it in all your online and offline marketing promotions.

The more you promote your SendFree Autoresponder, the more people will read your information... and the more free email ads you'll earn.

Unsure what an autoresponder is?

How Autoresponders Work

Find out exactly what autoresponders are and how they work.

Top Six Ways To Promote Your SendFree Autoresponder

  1. On Your Web Site

    Your own storefront on the World Wide Web is an important stop for prospects and customers who need more information. Discover how to combine your SendFree Autoresponder and web site for a powerful marketing combination.

  2. Use Classified Ads

    Advertise your SendFree Autoresponder FREE! There are thousands of free and low cost classified ad sites on the Internet. Here's how to find them and how to make them produce results.

  3. Develop a "Signature" Tag

    This electronic business card leaves your marketing message where ever you go.

  4. Use Business Cards and Stationary

    Many of your offline customers and prospects use the Internet every day. Make sure they know about your SendFree Autoresponder.

  5. Become an Expert

    People visit the Internet for information. When you become known as an expert in your field, you get respect AND BUSINESS! Establish your name by supplying in-demand information. Learn how here.

  6. Send "Opt-In" Direct Email

    This isn't "spam." Find out where and how to send email to eager prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.

Important Tip

Do you have multiple SendFree Autoresponders? Be sure to include a listing of all your autoresponders at the end of each autoresponder message. Promoting yourself in this manner is Free. Plus, an inquirer may be interested in one of your other offerings.

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