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How do prospects receive my autoresponder messages?

Your prospects can receive your SendFree autoresponder messages using three different methods.

1. Your prospects can send an email message to your SendFree autoresponder - Your autoresponder's reply message will immediately be sent back to them. When prospects email your autoresponder their names and addresses are automatically added to your SendFree account in your Lead database.

2. Your prospect can fill out the free SendFree web form you place on your Web site. The prospect simply needs to enter his name and email address into the form and click submit. He'll immediately be sent your autoresponder's reply message and his name and address will be added to your SendFree account in your Lead database.

In your Account Headquarters we offer you 2 easy to use web forms that you can copy and paste to your web site.

3. You can manually enter a prospect's contact information into your Lead database using the "Add Lead" function in the "Manage Leads" area of your SendFree Account Headquarters. When you enter a prospect's contact information manually through the "Add Lead" function, the prospect is sent your autoresponder's reply messages as if he requested the information himself. Therefore be sure you have the prospects permission to send him your email messages.

How do I know when a prospect has requested my SendFree autoresponder?

By reviewing your daily autoresponder digests you will see the prospects who requested your SendFree autoresponder. Each digest contains the name and email address as well as the entire email message of every prospect who accessed your autoresponder.

Reviewing your digest is very important. Frequently prospects requesting your SendFree autoresponder will ask specific questions in their emails. By scanning your daily digest you will find these inquiries and be able to respond accordingly.

How do I add a form to my Web site?

SendFree will provide you with the necessary HTML code to add a form to your web site from within your Account Headquarters.

To access the HTML code, first select the autoresponder you would like to use with your form. Then click the "Web Form" button next to that autoresponder. You will need to choose if you would like a basic request form or a full feedback form. Or you can use both forms on your web site. Copy the corresponding HTML code for the form you want to use and paste the code into the HTML of your web page.

How do I personalize my autoresponder's messages?

By including the appropriate code in the subject line and/or body of your autoresponder's message, the email messages delivered to your prospects will be personalized. The correct codes are included in the SendFree Users Guide accessible from your Account Headquarters.

Here is an example of how you might personalize your autoresponder's message to include a prospect's first name:

Email Subject: [[firstname]] Here's the Information You Requested

Email Body:

Hi [[firstname]]
Thank you for your request. The URL to set-up your own free follow up autoresponder which gives you free email advertising every time your autoresponder is requested is -


If your prospects name is Pamela the resulting email message would appear as follows:

Email Subject: Pamela Here's the Information You Requested

Email Body:

Hi Pamela
Thank you for your request. The URL to set-up your own free follow up autoresponder which gives you free email advertising every time your autoresponder is requested is -

Can my prospects stop receiving follow up messages?

Yes, your prospects will have the ability to remove themselves from future follow up messages. At the bottom of every SendFree autoresponder message are instructions for a prospect to remove himself from receiving future follow up messages.

How can I test my autoresponder to see what my messages look like?

You have 2 options for testing your autoresponder. To do a quick autoresponder check simply send an email to your SendFree autoresponder. Your autoresponder will immediately reply back with your initial message. In the coming days your follow-up messages will be sent out as you programmed.

If you would like to check all of your autoresponder's messages without waiting several days for the time sequence to send out your follow ups you can do so from within your Account Headquarters.

Once logged in to your Account Headquarters, click on the "Edit" link next to the autoresponder's name you would like to test. Now select the "Reply Manager" option. This will bring up a page listing out your autoresponder's messages.

Click on the "Test" link for the message you wish to have sent to you. A form will appear asking you to enter your name and email address. In addition, a drop down menu will be available listing out your follow up messages. Select which messages to have emailed to you and click the "Send" button.

The messages you selected will be sent to you immediately.

Why am I not receiving a response from my SendFree autoresponder?

If you test your SendFree autoresponder and after several minutes you have not received back a reply here's what you should do.

1) Check to make sure you correctly typed in your SendFree autoresponder address if you sent in an email request. If you used a web form to make your request, double check that you entered your email address properly in the form.

2) Check to make sure you successfully completed your autoresponder's set-up. From your Account Headquarters if your autoresponder's name is listed with an "Edit" button you know you successfully set-up the autoresponder. An autoresponder which is not complete will have a "Finish" button next to the autoresponder's name.

3) Send a separate email to your email address and check to see if it arrives immediately. Many free email accounts are slow and delay delivering your email. By sending a separate test email to your email address you will know whether the autoresponder delay is being caused by your email account or the SendFree system.

If after double checking the above 3 items and your autoresponder still does not respond please contact us via our online help page.

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