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How Autoresponders Work

Many experienced Internet business people say autoresponders are the greatest marketing tool ever invented. There's a simple reason. An autoresponder gives your customers and prospects instant access to information about your products or services. And when your prospects request information from your autoresponder their inquiry gives you permission to follow up. It is through follow up messages that marketers increase sales by up to 80%.

What Is an Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is simply an automated email address. It responds automatically to email requests by sending back a pre-composed email message to the sender of the request. The address of a SendFree autoresponder looks like: "yourname" When someone sends email to your SendFree Autoresponder address, a copy of your document is immediately forwarded to them by return email.

Test out a SendFree Autoresponder and see how efficiently they work. Send an email to our SendFree Autoresponder:

You'll receive a return email containing a free report on writing effective sales letters by marketing expert Dr. Kevin Nunley.

Benefits of SendFree Autoresponders

With an autoresponder you get your information to prospects without spending money on postage, time on the telephone, or paying for expensive brochures, booklets, or long ads. Plus, SendFree autoresponders automatically follow up. Your SendFree autoresponder keeps track of who has accessed your autoresponder and it sends out your follow up messages to your prospects for you on the time table you've specified!

SendFree Autoresponders also maintain an easy to manage database of your leads in your account. Then once each day, SendFree compiles a "digest" of all the messages which were sent to your autoresponder and emails the digest to you. The email addresses of all those who accessed your autoresponder are included in your daily digest.

Perhaps the best thing about autoresponders is that they require very little attention. Once an autoresponder is set up and producing results, it works without help for as long as you need. You have free time for other tasks, family, or recreation while your SendFree Autoresponders take care of business.

Now that you know what autoresponders are and how they work, learn how you can use them in the following areas:

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